colouring books for adults

learn how to practice mindfulness & meditation through colouring in


Dr. Stan Rodski - Cognitive neuroscientist 

Dr Stan Rodski – Cognitive neuroscientist. Stan has worked as a neuroscientist for over 30 years particularly in the area of peak performance and brain science research. His qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in science (bio statistics). He has worked extensively with individuals and teams in private, school and organisation settings. His research has included stress evaluation and improvement programs in the corporate sector, learning improvement pedagogy in schools and elite level high pressure performance with sports people and teams (AFL, NRL and Olympic teams). Most recently he developed the Colour-tation method of relaxation and meditation to help relax the brain in our highly stressed digitally paced world and continues to research and present in this area of peak performance under extreme pressure.

Jack Dowling - Illustrator

Jack is an architecture student at RMIT University, co-director of online art community Artselect and illustrator for Colourtation - anti-stress colouring books for adults. Jack describes finding patterns as an creative and iterative process. He hopes readers will similarly apply their own creative intuition, allowing the mind to relax and enjoy the meditative qualities that come from these exercises.